Created by RealSprint in Sweden, DALS stands for Dynamic Adaptive Live Streaming. It is the world’s only live streaming technology that delivers stable ultra low latency to any platform, including mobile browsers such as iOS Safari. Currently powering over 100 brands globally and available as a service or software for on-premise deployment.

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To create an outstanding experience for your users the quality of service needs to be consistent across the board. Speed, stability, compatibility - they are all fundamental for today's products. DALS has got you covered.



DALS provides a fully configurable buffer to maintain a latency range of your choice. Due to its unique architecture, latencies in the second-range glass to glass are no problem. Or sub-second if that's what you need. Typical use cases range from 500ms to 1,5s.


stability & SYNC

Every moment matters. That's why our player switches bitrates before congestions occur. Network conditions are continuously analyzed and the stream is adapted to maintain stability. No viewer falls behind, even on a non-perfect 3G/4G connection.



DALS runs in any browser - desktop or mobile. That includes iOS Safari. No plugins, no apps needed. It is purely based on HTML5 and JavaScript. And of course it runs in apps as well - mobile and OTT.

Putting live streaming to the test

Don't know which streaming technology to use? Whether you're evaluating DALS or a competitor, click here for our free guide on putting live streaming to the test. We also have a demo page where you can evaluate a sample stream that is served from a data center in Sweden.




Horse racing

The never-ending action of horse racing has gathered a large number of devout followers and betters. As the digital transformation keeps changing how we consume entertainment and interact with content, the live streamed events need to be served with minimal latency, and at a high video quality. We're working closely with industry leaders in horse racing to bring the next generation of user experience to the market, and keep it evolving.

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Sports betting

Nothing gets viewers immersed in an ongoing sports event quite like betting. Whether the wagers are made before kick-off or users are betting in-game, excitement is maximized when the stakes are high. Live streams using competing technologies such as HLS / DASH fail on either latency, stability or scalability. DALS brings the user within 1 second of the action.

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Online casino

The world's leading live casino, created by Net Entertainment, is powered by DALS. The product runs in desktop- and mobile web browsers, and has been in production since 2016. Several key features of DALS are implemented, such as frame synchronized cue points and embedded interactive layers. RealSprint works closely with Net Entertainment to develop the high-end product and stay ahead of the competition.

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Online Auctions

There is no room for compromise when it comes to streaming live auctions. Hundreds of users that connect simultaneously to an auction house need access to the content with high demands on stability, often connecting through mobile browsers on lossy networks. 

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Second screen

With the transformation of traditional television, second screen experiences are increasingly forming to enable interactivity and drive viewer immersion. Be it a live racing situation, game show or interactive story, any second screen application requires high quality video, synchronization and frame-synchronized app triggers.

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Public safety

Both in urban and rural areas, technology is changing how emergencies are handled. Firefighters, law enforcement, experts and volunteers are working together in new ways to counter urgent threats to the public. DALS enables ultra low latency distribution of drone streams, body cams and command center video while making the content available in a secure way across any platform. Sharing of live streams across different organizations helps coordinate efforts in a completely new way.

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The team to succeed


We work a bit differently with our clients. Not a services company but rather a group of technology lovers, we don't supply turnkey solutions. On the contrary, every client gets to work closely with our team to tailor the best product in their category. Below are the people working hands-on with DALS. Feel free to reach out to any one of us!


Niclas Åström

CEO, Systems Architect and one of the most passionate streaming experts in the world. 

Telephone no: (+46)70 344 05 30
E-mail: niclas.astrom@realsprint.com


Farley duvall

Business Advisor and son of Silicon Valley.

Telephone no: (+34)62 722 79 84
E-mail: farley.duvall@realsprint.com


Daniel Alinder

Strategist and Product Owner, constantly creating value. Child at heart and child in mind.

Telephone no: (+46)73 910 87 37
E-mail: daniel.alinder@realsprint.com


Tomas Agerberg

Digital Strategist who is unfamiliar with the concept of losing.

Telephone no: (+46)72 229 34 09
E-mail: tomas.agerberg@realsprint.com


Linus Mähler

Our CTO. We believe that he is actually five people.

Telephone no: (+46)73 092 33 13
E-mail: linus.mahler@realsprint.com


Joel Nordin

Project Manager and team energizer who has never snoozed his alarm clock. Also, he's been to space.

Telephone no: (+46)70 686 51 64
E-mail: joel.nordin@realsprint.com


Ulf Bertilsson

Senior System Developer who sees the world in math. Rarely sleeps and breathes perfect code.

Telephone no: (+46)70 344 42 94
E-mail: ulf.bertilsson@realsprint.com


PEr Mafrost

Lead Developer who's been on board since the very beginning. And yes, his name is permafrost.

Telephone no: (+46)70 327 81 93
E-mail: per.mafrost@realsprint.com


Johan Forssell

Senior System Developer and knower of things. Rumor has it that he sings compilation errors to sleep and then deletes them. 

Telephone no: (+46)70 668 98 18
E-mail: johan.forssell@realsprint.com


Tomas Pihl

Senior System Developer with an unbeatable track record. Whatever you like, he built it.

Telephone no: (+46)73 340 05 70
E-mail: tomas.pihl@realsprint.com


Mattias Bergström

System Developer with the skills of a master and the face of an angel.

Telephone no: (+46)73 022 61 15
E-mail: mattias.bergstrom@realsprint.com


Lukas Robertsson

System Developer with a scent of primrose and starflower. Has never not overdelivered. 

Telephone no: (+46)76 807 32 36
E-mail: lukas.robertsson@realsprint.com


Rickard Lindahl

System Developer and undefeated Beardmaster. Solves other people’s problems when they are not watching.

Telephone no: (+46)73 036 65 54
E-mail: rickard.lindahl@realsprint.com


Kim Nilsson

System Developer with a history in pyrotechnics. Enough said.

Telephone no: (+46)70 263 24 06
E-mail: kim.nilsson@realsprint.com


Erik Jakobsson

System Developer who never misses a break in a switch statement. Is never wrong. 

Telephone no: (+46)70 543 42 52
E-mail: erik.jakobsson@realsprint.com



Jonas Karppinen

System Developer and one of the most likeable people on the planet. Is also never wrong.

Telephone no: (+46)70 727 05 73
E-mail: jonas.karppinen@realsprint.com


Mattias Landin

System Developer and king of memes. Uses his physique to punish bad code.

Telephone no: (+46)73 061 62 41
E-mail: mattias.landin@realsprint.com


Leo Sandström

System Developer and young gun. He beat Tetris at the age of 4.

Telephone no: (+46)70 328 44 82
E-mail: leo.sandstrom@realsprint.com


RealSprint, the bigger picture

Interested in Realsprint as a company? Head over to realsprint.com for info on who we are and what we do apart from DALS.

What's up?


Umeå, SE

We’re happy to introduce our DALS Live Demo where visitors can try out some core functions and evaluate stream quality. Check it out, and put our competitors to the same test.

IBC 2019

Amsterdam, NL
We will be attending IBC this year as well. Looking forward to meeting up with all the sharpest minds from the industry and exploring new possibilities! Check it out online.

In the ocean

Oslo, NO
Some use cases are really worth an extra mention. DALS is now in use for underwater ROV inspection of ships, by the Norwegian company Vuvi. For more info, check out their web page.

Welcome ATG!

Stockholm, SE

We welcome ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, as a new client. DALS has been chosen to power the premium ultra low latency product. Check them out here. Good times!