Since 2016 DALS has expanded from the online casino vertical into several other markets. Some examples where our technology is a great fit are outlined below. We’re always open to new opportunities that we haven’t explored yet - reach out and we’ll gladly discuss your use case.


Horse racing


We are very excited to be part of the digital transformation of a traditional industry such as horse racing. A great deal of innovation is happening, based on new possibilities such as track data, 360 video and gamification of the betting experience. The users are happy to dig in to the new products - a great deal of their days are spent on watching the horses. From the first glimpses of warm-ups to the on-track action. The more content available, the better the chance for placing informed bets.

Recent development in legislation is paving the way for enhanced user experience and entirely new products, putting a spotlight on low latency streaming. With in-play betting in the pipe for most markets users' expectations are increasing. When placing bets live in the action it is not an option to lag behind. Even aside from in-play betting there are great benefits of low latency - it is a well known fact that high volumes of bets are placed as late before the race as possible. The lower the latency, the happier the users, and the more bets can be placed. 

DALS features of particular interest are Ultra Low Latency, viewer sync and the frame synchronized data channel; the list goes on. Don't hesitate to reach out and we'll set up a POC for you.


Sports betting


Few things can compete with sports betting when it comes to intense action due to the twists and turns of a great game. Huge audiences wager their money and engage in the action whether it's soccer, racing, basketball, american football, boxing or tennis. Recent development has seen great improvements to latency and stability in watching live sports online, mainly through the standardized HLS / DASH technologies. However, while these are robust methods of transporting streams, they introduce latencies around 20-30 seconds. 

For a real live experience, glass-to-glass latency needs to be in a completely different range. Approaching 1 second means getting closer to the action and widening the time window of betting, enabling fans to bet on events as they happen. Stability is of huge importance since viewers should be able to choos their own device. DALS does it right in the browser, all the way down to iOS Safari on realistic mobile connections. Give us a call, or drop us a line, to get a POC up and put DALS to the test.


Live Casino


Live roulette is dependent on getting the image from the table to the user with very low latency. The larger the window for betting, the more bets can be placed and consecutively the user experience is greatly improved. For our casino clients a latency around 1 second is a strict requirement and cannot be compromised.

Recent development has introduced social aspects as well as crossover products, such as live sports betting while playing roulette. While a lot has happened, we've only seen the beginning of innovation in the world's most popular casino game. Did we mention that it's happening across all platforms, completely free of plug-ins and in any browser including iOS Safari?

A lot of brands that use DALS have also made use of the interactive graphics overlay and the realtime video meshing. Additionally the frame synchronized cue point feature is implemented across the board. Get in touch to learn more!



Online auctions


The auction industry has undergone a massive transformation, with giant companies representing the online auction segment. Most auctions are based on pictures of the object being bid on. However, for dedicated auction houses the live bidding experience needs to be translated online. Nothing short of high-quality live video delivers the satisfying experience that highly involved users expect.

As auctions unfold very quickly there is need for sub 1,5 second latencies - which is no problem with DALS. To ensure stability down to very weak connections there is an audio only option that can serve users that connect under challenging network conditions. No client can be allowed to fall behind in the stream while data needs to move in pace with the stream. DALS keeps all viewers in sync and features a frame-synchronized data channel, bringing online auctions very close to the experience of being physically present.

If interested, get in touch and we'll set up a test for you to evaluate the technology.


Second screen


Viewers are increasingly expecting interactivity and seamless experiences when it comes to video content. From YouTube to Twitch, the options for engaging with any content have skyrocketed in the past few years, putting new pressure on traditional television. In this development, second screen experiences are the ultimate augmentation to any broadcast. The number of new possibilities is already large and increasing, encompassing a broad spectrum of use cases such as live events, news broadcasts, racing footage, TV-series and game shows.

Need help with your second screen? We’d love to help you out. Just drop us an e-mail or call us!


Public safety


With the recent increase in available drone- and camera platforms, the tools available for coordinating emergency efforts have been greatly enhanced. DALS enables any camera feed, along with metadata, to be distributed across teams of rescue teams, law enforcement and medical staff. Our partners’ mobile contribution hardware is integrated with our channels to provide an end-to-end service with ultra low latency and stability in any area - rural or urban. This bundled with our multi-layer security has proven to be highly compatible with the needs of rescue organizations.

Curious? Get in touch and we will set up a demo for you.